Fixed matches agents

Most importantly thing when talking about betting are the ones who are operating with a lot of insiders, with a lot of clubs, with a lot of players and sellers. These people are called agents. Firstly they are not very difficult to find, but on the other side, the best and most successful ones are so rare. It is up to the skills of the websites which deal with football predictions and tips to be able to find, get in touch and start cooperating with some of them. That’s what we are actually doing.

Secoundly connecting the people makes our business run so perfect. And what are these agents do? Thirdly they are the ones who have the right information. Also they have information about the injuries, suspensions, they know the right person at the right place. So, when there is actually fixing of a match, the agent kicks in. Thirdly he is informed about everything, he arranges selling the tip, so everyone would be able to make a lot of profit. Also I think that you are aware that you can not bet if you actually play in some football club.

Firstly you are literally inviting the authorities if you do that. The agent arranges everything. Secoundly how you would bet by using some foreign channels and he, or she, even sells the fixed match to third parties. Thirdly parties like the betting websites as this one. We cooperate only with the greatest agents across the planet. There is no possibility someone to call us and say that he wanted to be our agent.

Also it is much more complicated. However, do not worry. We are doing our job at a very high level. Your job is only to trust us. Also we are checking every tip so many times, to be 100% sure that is the correct one. And we are never wrong.

Fixed matches agents

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