Fixed matches and predictions

We are talking about something else. This is crucial, so please read the explanation very carefully. Firstly, a lot of you have ask us about our tips. We provide fixed matches or are we providing only predictions? The answer is really not so simple.

As I explained before, about a lot of the matches we are aware of the injuries, yellow/red cards, the form and everything else. Secondly, we are sometimes informed about the final score by some of our insiders. Are they always 100% sure? Let’s be clear.

Thirdly and most importantly, the answer is no. That’s why we always say that our matches are about 98 or 99 percent sure. Honesty and clear guidance, that’s what our work relies on. Furthermore, the real question here is what the real meaning of the term fixed matches is. Do we have a direct link or a contact with a lot of players who are informing us that they will fix the final result of the match? No. However, according to all the information we have, we are able to deliver you the actual final prediction and win. It is so simple.

So, yes, we are providing wins, we are providing analyses, we are providing fixed predictions. Moreover, do you think it is possible to fix the matches on a daily basis? It is, but this game is more complicated than you think. The football is a game of action, it is a game of rapid changes, only a second, even a moment could make you win or lose. We can not have a control to every movement of the ball, but, on the other side, we can have a control of the match as a whole. Actually, we can provide you real information about the soccer match as a whole. Eventually, our tips and predictions will make you win and, at the end, you will say the matches were fixed. Were they?

Fixed matches and predictions

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