Fixed matches betting

Now we are talking about the bookmakers again.  Firstly when you will think about what is the real motive to run a bookie, think about greed, think about avarice. Yes, making money is their only goal. Secondly on every bookmaker website you will see happy faces, winning ticket etc. They want something else, they only want you to lose, because if you win, they are one step closer to shutting down their business.

We do not want that. Thirdly we only want to help the common person win instead of the big sharks. Actually, betting on small amounts of money, as 99% of the people do, is the most important thing for the bookmakers. Also they win a lot from you. Also if millions stake about $2, it is $2 million dollars  for the bookie. And if you stake only $2 you will try to select the big odds. Here is one curiosity.

You can not win by selecting the big odds. They are not winning big odds. Also the betting sites are linked with the insiders we talked about before, and while almost every match result in fixed, do you think it is possible to win a ticket with 8,9 or even more matches?

Firstly maybe once in a lifetime. However, after you were lucky enough to win, you will now stake more, and you will lose the whole amount you won and you will even give a lot more. And what is the final outcome? Most importantly the bookmaker profit even more and you losing in a row without an end. Also and you will try and try to win and win and win just to get your money back. The thing is, that is not possible.

You will get into a labyrinth with a no way out. Firstly that’s way you need our betting predictions. We are you only hope. Secondly and we would deliver anything you have dreamed about. We will deliver making the bookmakers lose the bet. doctor1x2

fixed matches betting